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What ONE Skill Makes You a Better Professional?

Customer Service

Throughout you career, being passionate about customer service can differentiate you from even the best competition. It sets you apart. It makes you special.

On the job, or in your job search, here are three ways to excel in customer service…   

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5 Things College Won’t Teach You About the Real World

What College Won

Both nerve-wracking and unforgettable at the same time, getting that first job is a milestone for every person.

Unfortunately, school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about life after graduation… like these five things.   

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6 Tips to Help Launch Your Career on LinkedIn

Launch yourself

You know that each social network has its own purpose. However, most all of them revolve around sharing updates about your life or business while connecting with those that might be difficult to connect with in the real world.

LinkedIn, though, is different…   

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5 Ways Technology Can Help Rock Your Next Career Fair


Career fairs can be hard to navigate. The layout and crowded aisles obscure employer booths and, when you do find them, you might only have the time to learn what the company does before other candidates swoop in and introduce themselves.

And without preparation, you could waste valuable minutes fighting for face time… only to discover you’re talking to employers who are the wrong fit for your personal aspirations.   

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Want to Make Better LinkedIn Connections? Get Personal

Get Personal

Nearly every day, I receive (and send) many connection requests through LinkedIn. And I continue to be surprised that the large majority of those who wish to connect fail to personalize the message!

Now, let me first explain first that I don’t normally get too upset with this. I’m fully aware that LinkedIn mobile apps don’t let the user provide any personalization…   

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Here’s How to Take the “Work” Out of Networking


When you hear the work “networking”, do you get a sudden tightness in your stomach? If so, that’s a pretty standard reaction. I’ve attended many networking events in my professional life, and I’ve realized… they can be a lot of work!

But, with just a bit of planning ahead of time, you can make the process easier by taking some of the work out of networking. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your next event:   

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