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12 Key Phrases You Should Use in a Job Interview [Infographic]

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You’ve done your research, tailored your resume, and applied for that dream job. It all paid off; you’ve got their attention! The good news is you’ve already proven you’re a viable candidate. But next comes the part a lot of people dread, the job interview. If you prepare yourself physically and mentally, you will step into the interview better equipped and more confident to answer the questions you’re asked. But this is not enough by itself. There are a handful of things that interviewers love to hear without prompting – in fact, they don’t even realize they’re looking for some of these key phrases until they hear them.   

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Job Search Fail: Trying to Sound Too Smart a Dumb Move


As a job seeker, when you write above your comfort level, whether it’s in regard to your resume, networking emails or your cover letter, you don’t impress anyone.

In fact, most times you end up looking silly…   

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The Most Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn Profiles [Infographic]


When you see the same word a thousand times, over and over, it kind of starts losing meaning, right?

Recruiters feel the same way.

This handy infographic from the fine folks at LinkedIn includes the top 10 most overused words…   

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The Clone Wars? Top 10 Over-used Buzzwords on LinkedIn


Do you describe yourself or your work history as “creative”, “organizational”, or “effective”, on your LinkedIn profile? Well, you and 187 million other LinkedIn members had the same idea in 2012 as these words were the top three most overused LinkedIn buzzwords.

Let’s spice up your LinkedIn Profile this year to help you stand out against the crowd online. Read on to see how LinkedIn experts have outlined some advice for creating a better LinkedIn profile in 2013:   

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