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Email Etiquette: How to Make Sure You Deliver the Perfect Message [Infographic]

email etiquette

With an estimated 207 billion sent every single day, email has become such a large part of our lives. With that many emails flying around, chances are you’ve tossed off an email that was less than perfect. This is fine with family and friends, of course. But delivering the perfect professional email requires knowledge of email etiquette. A Guide to Email Etiquette This infographic from The Business Backer provides a handy guide to 36 rules to keep your email professional. From crafting subject lines to creating your signature, refer to these important points the next time you have an important email to write.   

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4 Common College Essay Words Rarely Used in the Workplace

Emoji 101

Thankfully, as many recent graduates have learned, it’s OK to drop the fancy talk and sound more… human!

Along with “before and after” examples, here are four classic college essay words that should never find their way into a business-focused document…   

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