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The 5 Keys to No Fear Networking


It’s harder than ever to get your foot in the door these days. Postings for entry-level positions – which in many organizations have become internships – receive hundreds of applications.

This means the best way for you to end up on someone’s radar is through networking…   

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How to Become a Social Age Master Networker [Infographic]

Networker infographic

In the early days of social media, it was enough just to be on social. We didn’t have to engage or provide value to be considered successful. Instead, we tracked vanity metrics like number of followers and likes.

Not so now. Today, in the Social Age, engagement is expected. Value is required. And relationships matter…   

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How to Turn Networking Tasks Into Habits That Pays Off


To turn career critical to-do items into a habit, we have to train ourselves to take action each day until it becomes second nature. And in order for it to be truly successful, networking is one of those job search daily to-do items that need to become a habit.

Use these tips to help you create this new habit that pays off not only during your job search, but throughout your career,,,   

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New Start? Time to Re-engage With Your Personal Network

Once a new job or internship is secured, we tend to breathe an enormous sigh of relief… then focus all our energy and time on succeeding in the new role.

As you may already know, though, recent U.S. Department of Labor data reports that “median employee tenure” was 4.6 years in 2014. So, like it or not, most of us can expect to be looking for a new job… sooner rather than later.   

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The 10 Biggest Rookie Mistakes Made on LinkedIn

linkedin mistakes

Recently I presented a keynote address titled Personal Branding Using Social Media Tools. After the presentation, someone asked me: “What are some of the biggest mistakes people are making on LinkedIn?” I made a few quick comments but promised I would get back to him with a more thoughtful list. To help you as well, today I’m sharing this summary of the biggest mistakes I see made on LinkedIn… 1. Punctuation and Grammar Mistakes I learned this the hard way when some people made comments about grammatical errors in my profile. I thought to myself: What is the big deal? But   

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The One Networking Question People Love to Answer

Great Question

Much of the networking advice we hear seems so complicated. And yet, for me, all I need to do to start a mutually-beneficial relationship is ask the one question people love to answer:

“Work on any cool projects lately?”   

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