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A 15 Question Quiz: How Good is Your LinkedIn Profile?


Just how good is your LinkedIn profile? Specifically, how good are the most important sections of your profile?

If you can answer “yes” to these 15 questions, you just may have a really good LinkedIn profile…   

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Networking Newbies Need These 5 Pieces of Advice

Networking Newbie

“It’s all about who you know.”

You’ve heard this everywhere – from your teachers, your parents, your mentor, and just about anyone else who gives you job advice. As overused as it may be, this old adage is very, very true.   

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How to Build a Solid Personal Brand Through Social Sharing


Here’s something the only the best at personal branding know and do: sharing your own ideas or great idea from others is a great long-term strategy for online visibility!

And the best part: you don’t have to spend every waking moment glued to social media in order to see great results!   

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15 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Networking One-hit Wonder


Whoa! You just hit the jackpot. The conference you just attended yielded a lot of great new leads. The first thing you do when you get back to the office? Jump onto LinkedIn and start sending connection requests, of course.

Unfortunately, that’s where most people’s interactions die a lonely death, and you become a networking one-hit wonder…   

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Long Distance Networking: A Long-Term Investment

Long Distance Networking

Networking is about building relationships. Period. It isn’t the smarmy “What can you do for me?” exercise that many novices see it as — and if you’re doing it that way, it probably isn’t doing much for you. And in today’s economy, if you aren’t investing in networking on a global scale, your networking may not be doing much for your career. I live in San Diego, home to one of the large hubs of biotech companies. That gives me a natural advantage when looking for a job in the biotechnology industry; indeed, my local network is full of people   

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Leave a Lasting Impression with Your LinkedIn Headline

KA Towns

On LinkedIn, we can also share our personal brands with the world. And we can do that in one sentence. Can you guess where?

In the professional headline, the space right below your name…   

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