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9 Business Books Young Professionals Must Read in 2017

As a young professional, solopreneur, or freelancer there is so much to learn. But the time we have to learn from the very best is so limited. Also, we don’t have time to sift through the millions of pages of business books out there to find something truly useful. So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question: “What was the best business book you read last year?”   

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14 Books on Every Ambitious Young Professional’s Reading List

Jared Brown

Take a look at some of the classics of the business world that should be on the reading list of every ambitious entrepreneur.   

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10 Life Changing Books for Young Professionals


In this sped-up, technology-based world, career advisors speak often about how to quickly develop as a professional through online self-learning. But there’s something about reading a book offline, where the author has the time and space to go deeper on important issues, that brings another level of clarity to the reader. With that in mind, the YouTern team put together a list of life changing books for young professionals. These books made a significant impact on our professional outlook and careers. Perhaps they’ll do the same for you… 1. In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best Run Companies It is never   

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