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First Rule of Resume Writing: Forget the Rules


I’m not a fan of the “MUST/MUST NOT” rules of resume writing. Most of us are familiar with the obvious ones: one page only, a certain font, a limited number of bullets, etc. When I write a resume, in fact, each of my conversations with a new client concludes with me asking them what their initial expectations are for the final product – what would they like to see changed or improved about the document they’re working with? And more often than not, I get a response like this: “I have no idea. I don’t know what employers are looking for.”   

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3 Rules for Perfectly Practical Resume Design


I love designing a resume as much as I enjoy writing them. After all… a well-thought out design only makes great content that much better. And of course the opposite also holds true:  ineffective presentation detracts from the quality of the content, and negatively impacts how well it’s received. Today, I share practical insights into the principles of effective resume design and presentation tactics that I incorporate into my work, and that you can adapt to your own process for designing eye-catching, storytelling resumes that stand out from the crowd of blah. Let’s examine three resume writing rules and their   

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How to Write the Perfect Social Media Profile Headline

Headlines That Grab HR

Too many people are flat, uninteresting, and vague in their communications – in their email body and subject, in their LinkedIn profile, and of course, on their resume.

No doubt you’ve experienced the challenge of having your application sit in a recruiter’s inbox with hundreds of other potentially qualified candidates. Fact is that even the best candidates go unnoticed due to the application volume alone. The key to standing out is less in timing and more in your profile/email/resume headline, so leverage it accordingly.

Here are a few tips to help you craft an attention-grabbing, specific headline…   

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