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5 Things Employers Want to See When They Google You

Google Search

You know the basics of keeping your social media profiles “clean” when applying for work; you understand the necessary strategies for job hunters in the digital age.

But this alone is not enough to make you hirable. Because when employers search online, they want your digital presence to give them more than a person free of red flags. Employers want to get a sense of – buzzword warning – your authentic self…   

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4 Reasons You Should Obsessively Track Career Achievements


Do you keep an active list of career accomplishments, responsibilities and results? Do you obsess over quantifying your contributions at work?

You should, because your career, someday, may depend on it…   

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5 Ways to Regain Control of Your Career (And Get That Dream Job)

You Must Create Your Job

Here’s what the most successful young careerists have learned since the economy changed way back in 2008:

The perfect job isn’t going to find you… and toss itself upon a silver platter in front of you. To achieve your ideal career, you must engage in techniques that will catapult you toward success…   

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The Top 5 Lessons You’ll Learn at Your First Real Job

Start Day One

The journey from college to career may not be perfectly seamless. Now more than ever, young professionals often experience a serious learning curve coming fresh out of college. But no matter your level of experience, your approach and attitude to that all-important first job can serve as a valuable learning experience and stepping stone for future success.

Here are five of the many lessons I learned from my first post-college job… lessons that can help you in your first years as a professional:   

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5 Mobile Apps That Give Your Job Search Wings

mobile app

PepsiCo recently reported that 90 percent of people who clicked on their job-related emails used a smartphone to do so. 90 percent! “Instead of job hunting on a PC, people are doing so while standing in line at a restaurant or even sitting on a couch while watching the game,” CNN reports.

So if you’re not putting your phone to work during your job search, you’re missing out!    

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Did the Recession Wake Gen Y from Their Work-Life Balance Dream?


When the first members of Gen Y began to join the workforce a few years ago, commentary stirred about the differences between generations of workers. One fact about young professionals was repeated: teens and 20-somethings were crazy for work-life balance.

Now that the economic gloom has persisted for several years, are young people finally being forced to change their tune when it comes to work-life balance?   

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