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Social Age Dilemma: Are You Hurting or Helping Your Personal Brand?

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If you have a social profile, you have a personal brand. It’s that simple.    

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5 Ways You May Be Hurting the Growth of Your Personal Brand


In business, people don’t establish relationships with companies. They build relationships with people.

But once you create your personal brand, how do you keep it growing? It’s easy… as long as you avoid these common mistakes.   

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Is That Patchwork Resume Damaging Your Personal Brand?


Want to distinguish your resume from every other resume on the recruiter’s desk?

Yes, you can! And you don’t have to create one that looks like a patchwork quilt… you know, the kind where an individual copies phrases and sentences from the many versions of their resumes…   

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How to Turn Networking Tasks Into Habits That Pays Off


To turn career critical to-do items into a habit, we have to train ourselves to take action each day until it becomes second nature. And in order for it to be truly successful, networking is one of those job search daily to-do items that need to become a habit.

Use these tips to help you create this new habit that pays off not only during your job search, but throughout your career,,,   

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5 Strategies to Maximize Your Success on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has been building professional networks across the globe since 2002. Now, they boast over 330 million users.

Their slogan, ‘Relationships Matter,’ captures the essence of the service and reminds users that the ultimate goal for everyone should be to seek relevant, meaningful connections. And to do that, your approach matters… a lot.   

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The Job Seekers Guide to Networking Your Way into a Dream Job


Research consistently identifies networking as an important job search tool — anywhere from 40-80% of job placements are attributed to networking. Networking can also be a way to identify unadvertised job opportunities — the “hidden job market.”

And yet it seems like no one ever talks about how exactly to build your network, who should be contacted as you begin your professional life, and how to leverage your network as you look for your next job or internship…   

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