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5 Critical Job Interview Questions to Ask Your Would-be Boss


The conventional wisdom about the workplace goes: “People join a company… but leave their boss.”

By asking a few important questions, you may avoid that all-too-common outcome and find a manager you’ll enjoy working with.

Okay, predicting the potential of a relationship after one conversation is no easy feat. So to make the most of your interview, arm yourself with these five questions…   

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Be Irreplaceable: Make Your Boss Feel Like an A-List Celebrity


Especially as junior employees, keeping our bosses happy (and calm, and organized) seems next to impossible, right? Well, try doing that for a full-blown A-lister… where the word “no” isn’t often in their vocabulary. As the personal assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis for 25 years, here are five of my favorite tricks of the trade to not only make your employer feel like an A-list celebrity – but make you invaluable and irreplaceable member of the team: 1. Make It – and Keep It – Personal A customized and personalized approach is key.  No two managers are the same,   

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Your Next Boss Needs to Hear THIS in a Job Interview


Ever wonder what new boss really wants to hear in the job interview? What can you say, exactly, that will greatly increase your chances of receiving a job offer?

I recently heard some great advice that lined up with my previous experience as a human resources manager, so I I’m sharing. Here are five things to communicate during a job interview that will convince the employer you are his next great hire…   

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Who’s the Boss? The Impact Bosses Make on Your Worklife [Infographic]

In the film “Horrible Bosses,” any resemblance to real or living people may have been purely coincidental, but for many American workers, the portrayal represents a familiar daily reality in the workplace: their bosses are making them miserable. And sick.

So are bosses worth it? A new study suggests that they can make a significant impact on company productivity and through a seemingly simple act: they teach employees useful skills. Their employees may not be particularly motivated by bosses, but they are learning from them—at least from the good ones. This infographic examines the impact of management on workers and how much bosses may actually be worth…   

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I Need More Direction from My Boss… Help!

Important Career Question

There are many eligible applicants just waiting for a job opening… which means you really can’t afford to do anything but your best work. If that means asking for more direction from your boss, don’t be shy – or else you might just shy away from having a job!

Whether you have an absentee, extremely busy or simply a horrible boss… there are a few tactful ways to yank a little more guidance from your hands-off manager…   

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Show Me the Money! 5 Tips To Negotiate a Raise

Show Me the Money

Asking for a raise can be a bit tricky. It’s definitely not like asking your parents for a few extra bucks when you were still living under their roof.

The walking-on-eggshells feeling you get in trying not to overstep your boundaries with your boss is tough to navigate successfully. Asking for a raise is OK, however. And it’s a two-way conversation that you can have tactfully if you keep a few tips in mind:   

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