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7 Strategies for Blogging to Your New Career

Blogging is about becoming an expert in your field. Apply these 7 strategies with confidence to become better connected to your career path.   

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Four Important Communication Lessons from Internet “Trolls”

You likely already know that sometimes a comment stream lists opinions that kindly question an author’s perspective. Or respectfully offer another viewpoint. Maybe even thoughtfully enlighten the audience.

But sometimes the comments start out as useless blather, ending up with various commenters attacking each other.

While I never expected to be able to identify a list of communication lessons from argumentative blog comments, that’s exactly what happened. And here they are:   

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Write Less, Say More: The Power of Brevity

There is a common misconception when it comes to writing that is professional in nature that a person must write in a verbose manner to come across as intelligent.

I am sorry. Let me do that again.

You don’t need to write a lot or use big words to sound smart.

Now, that’s better.   

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5 Ways To Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Whether you’re a college student or well into your career, hopefully you’ve recognized that social media outlets can enhance your chances of being a top-notch job candidate.

There are plenty of articles that discuss how social media can hurt your job search, but I’m more interested in discussing how you can use the powers of social media for good. We’re living in a digital age, which means every industry—from investment banking to entertainment—is using social media and looking to see how employees are using these sites, too.

Here are five ways to show you’re social media-savvy and a serious job candidate.   

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3 Reasons Why Creating a Blog is Good for Your Job Search

Developing and maintaining an online presence is becoming more important as employers rely on online background checks to research candidates.  This is why it’s a good idea to create your own blog.  Blogs are a great technique for building your brand and enhancing your job search as a whole.  But if you’re unsure that it will work for you, here are three reasons to place it on your list of considerations: 1. You Have the Opportunity to Grow and Share Your Expertise As your wealth of knowledge in your field grows, it’s great to share it with others.  By creating   

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Blog to Brand: Show What You Know!

Whenever I speak about social media and the job search to job seekers, I always have a few attendees who “see the light” and get excited about blogging. They see the advantages of blogging to start sharing information through social media and establishing their personal brand as part of their job search strategy.

The problem is that they don’t know what to blog about!   

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