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How to Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform to Tell Your Career Story

linkedin publishing platform

You may not have the knowledge, time or energy to start a blog, But as a job seeker looking for work, what is your excuse for not using the LinkedIn publishing platform?

Can you think of a better way to tell your career story? Display your subject matter expertise? Demonstrate your value to a potential employer?   

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Blogging: Your Best Personal Brand Builder

best personal brand

How do you build a brand that demonstrates your value proposition? How do you showcase your subject matter expertise, experience and passion?

To me, the answer is simple: the best personal brand builder out there is… blogging.   

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5 Ways Blogging Hurts Your Personal Brand

Blogging vs Branding

There has been a lot of talk about how everyone in a job search (or are otherwise currently obsessed with their personal brand) should be blogging.

I call “Bullsh*t”.

Not for the reasons cited by most opponents of the everyone-must-blog argument, however…   

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Blogging for Dollars: Brand Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

Blogging for Dollars

As a job seeker or young professional, should you start blogging now?

Blogging can be mostly free, you can set up your blog in just days, and can develop a following in just a few short weeks. So, even though the short answer may really be “maybe”…I say
“yes, start blogging!”

When potential employers search for your name on the internet, they will see your blog and that you are an authority in your field…   

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4 Ways Blogging Helps Build a Better Career


Since competition for entry-level and even mid-level jobs is very high, it’s important for young professionals to stand out to prospective employers in any way they can. One way to do this: start a blog.

As a blogger, you are in control of the content – and ultimately your online reputation and presence. Here are four more ways blogging can help your career, right now…   

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How to Blog Your Way Out of That Entry-Level Job

It’s no secret that Millennials hate their entry-level jobs. There’s nothing more depressing than spending four years in college thinking you’re building the foundation for a successful career and find yourself fetching coffee and licking envelopes in a stuffy office. Anyone else with me on that?

Guess what! guess what? The ways I leveraged blogging to skip entry-level work can be replicated by anyone with a computer and a few good ideas.

So how can you skip an entry level position by blogging?   

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