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How to Recognize the Perfect Job Offer [Infographic]

job offer

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of winning. When you work hard to achieve a goal and you finally reach it, you feel a sense of euphoria and accomplishment. In the case of your job search, you might think that you’ve won when you receive a job offer. While this accomplishment should be met with a sigh of relief, sometimes the sense of relief of no longer spending your free time filling out applications can blind you to some of the realities of that offer.   

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Job Offer Questions: What to Ask Before You Accept

job offer questions

It’s very exciting to receive a new job offer, but there are still many job offer questions that must be answered before actually accepting and starting a new job. Certain information may not have been discussed in an interview, and are critical for a new employee to successfully adapt to a new job and environment.   

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Beyond Salary: What to Look for When Choosing a Job [Infographic]

6 Things to Look for Besides Salary

For decades, the American worker has focused on one factor above all others when choosing where to work: salary. The higher the salary, the better the job.

In today’s purpose-driven, socially-aware world, however, there is more to work than pay. In fact, how aligned we are with the purpose of the organization, culture, leadership, flexibility and autonomy are all critical factors in how fulfilled we feel about our work…   

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What’s Right for You: Intern at a Small or Big Company?

For college students, internships can have a huge impact on their future career direction.

When you’re starting out, you want to be sure to get an adequate amount of experience to equip you with the skills you need to succeed. And when it comes to choosing an internship, there can be a big difference between interning at a small company versus a big company…   

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Feeling Entrepreneurial? 14 Top Benefits of Working for a Startup

Our friends at YEC asked members of their council this entrepreneurship-related question from a reader… we thought the answers were enlightening. Read on!

Question: I’m considering working at a startup, but the money’s not as good. What kind of benefits does startup work offer outside of salary?   

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Negotiate a Better Internship!

Some interns feel they have no business negotiating with a company. But as more employers rely on interns, you have more negotiating leverage than interns have in the past. Here are tips on negotiating during the interview process to ensure you benefit your career, while fulfilling the requirements of your internship and the meeting the company’s needs.   

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