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The More Mentors the Better: Try “Micro-mentoring”


I just attended a client meeting where new graduates were reminded to “find a mentor if you want to succeed.”

Many of us are used to the image of a mentor as a gray-haired executive: the one expert who is supposed to have all the answers and can teach us the rules for starting our career. And we’ve seen firsthand the impact of having the right mentor at the right time…   

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The 3 Major Benefits Mentors Bring to Your Career

Benefits to your career with a mentor

What is the importance of having a mentor? Does everyone need one? Should you have more than one? These are all questions that I’ve asked in the past and continue to hear from students and young professionals today.

In my opinion, there are really three main benefits of mentorship:   

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Why Being a Mentor Kicks Ass

Being a mentor is an important job—it must be if we’re constantly telling everyone to find one, right? And that means those who take up that role should be ready and willing to accept that responsibility. But, when you do—know that the rewards will go far beyond seeing your mentee succeed. You’ll that find your career, too, is enhanced by the time you put into your mentoring relationship. Here are some thoughts on what mentors get out of the mentor / mentee relationship:   

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