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New Connections: How to Become Instantly Memorable

new connections

When the chips are down, and everyone does the same old crap, what can you do to stand out from the rest when making new connections?

What value can you offer? How can you help the person you just met?   

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Among All the Corporate Clones: 4 Ways to Become Memorable


We’re encouraged to attend networking events, to mingle, to build relationships. To be noticed. To be memorable. So that if opportunities become available, others will think of us and then BAM… we have jobs.

Sounds simple enough, right? But how do we do that?    

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Secret to Networking Success: Make Yourself Memorable!

Be Memorable

Successful networkers are memorable because they’re always willing to help people solve problems. This doesn’t mean you have to do do something memorable when you first meet someone.

It is usually what you do after you meet someone that makes you memorable.

I realized this when I received a text message: “Remember these?”   

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