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The 5 Job Interview Answers You Just Can’t Give

No one can predict exactly what a recruiter or hiring manager will ask in a job interview. However, there are many standard questions that can make or break an interview.

Not because of the question itself, but because of how well you avoid giving a bad answer. A good answer: you will soar to the next level. A bad answer: you’re pounding the pavement, again…   

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50 REALLY Bad Answers to “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

“What is your greatest weakness?”

Just for fun, we decided to take a little different look at this question… and the answer. Using two words only, and with tongue firmly in cheek, here might be the worst possible answers to the worst question ever asked in a job interview:   

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10 Really Bad Job Interview Answers (and 10 Good Ones)


You think you nailed the interview; your answers were just as you rehearsed: honest and concise. You went home feeling good about this one. And yet, you don’t get a call back.

There is a often a good reason: your answers to critical questions… those that mean the difference between “no thank you” and “you’re hired.”   

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