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Fired! Whose Fault is it Anyway?


For employers, hiring is a risky endeavor. And the costs of a bad hire are high. So they want to make sure to hire the right candidate, the first time.

For job seekers, an average job search takes several months of concerted effort. So it’s important to find the best fit to increase the chance of staying at the job.

Yet bad hires still happen. Often.    

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Are You a Good or Bad Hire? Nail Your First 90 Days!

First 90 Days

You got the job!

Instead of popping champagne to celebrate your new position, however; you might want to consider focusing that positive energy on making a good first impression!

You’re still in your “interview stage” during the first three months, says Stacey Hawley, Principal at Credo, a career services company…   

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The Baffling Costs of a Bad Hire [Infographic]

It’s not uncommon for a friend or two of mine who have internship or entry-level experience to pout after a potential employer rejects them for positions that require two or more years of professional experience. They’ll say something like, “Why won’t employers take a chance on me? I can do that job.”

While I agree that my friends are highly talented in their fields of choice, understanding why employers are hesitant to take risks on young professionals is as easy as examining the infographic below.


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