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7 Good Reasons You Should NOT Apply for That Job

Take Any Job

Whether you’re in a position you hate now – or you’ve embarked on a seemingly endless job search – you may feel that almost any opportunity is better than your current situation.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should apply to every position you come across. In fact, it might be time to reconsider the way you’re searching for employment if the spray and pray tactic is part of your job search strategy…   

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Is It Ever “Too Early” to Apply for an Internship?

Many people view internships in terms of “seasons”.

Right now, it’s winter and “spring internship season” will soon be here. It may be too early right now to start thinking about the sunny days of summer. But in a few months… summer internship season. Some employers are already starting to post openings for summer internships.

In line with this sectional view of internships comes a common question many internship seekers ask: Is it ever too early to apply for internships?

My thought on this matter is a simple: “No”. And I’ll explain that by breaking the answer into three parts…   

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Job Seekers: Do More Than Just Apply… Meet the Need!

When you see a job posting, ask this question: Why are they hiring? The hiring process is expensive in terms of money, resources, and time. And extending an offer comes with a certain amount of risk.

In our job search, we are focused on what we need. We need opportunities to work in our field, to support ourself financially, to secure benefits and to meet our goals.

While these are critical considerations, there’s a lot at stake on both sides. Preparing yourself for your next career move by taking a look at the process from the employer’s perspective will make you a stronger candidate!   

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