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Why Do Employers Ask Hard (and Weird) Job Interview Questions?

Interview question infographic

You may have heard some of the strange questions top employers ask candidates during job interviews. And when you hear these questions, you most likely think, “What do these questions have to do with your ability to be a Social Media Manager… or an Accountant?”

The simple answer, of course, is… well, nothing. They aren’t related to the job at all. But these odd questions do serve a useful purpose…   

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The Most Asked Job Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

Most Asked Job Interview Questions

There is no doubt: we all dread the job or internship interview. So much at stake, and sometimes we want it so badly.

The anxiety that comes with job interviews, however, can often be avoided if we just know what is coming. What will be expected of you? What questions will you need to answer?   

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10 Really Bad Job Interview Answers (and 10 Good Ones)


You think you nailed the interview; your answers were just as you rehearsed: honest and concise. You went home feeling good about this one. And yet, you don’t get a call back.

There is a often a good reason: your answers to critical questions… those that mean the difference between “no thank you” and “you’re hired.”   

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Awesome Answers to 7 Cliche Job Interview Questions


Throughout your career, you’ll have many job interviews. And there are a few questions you will hear in every one of them. What are your strengths? Why should we hire you? Although these questions are incredibly cliché, so many interviewers rely on them.

Your answers to the cliché questions can make or break your chance at getting hired. It’s essential to prepare original answers for the cliché questions you know you’ll hear. The strongest answers are unique and will give you a leg up in the competition.

Here are seven of the most cliché interview questions and how to answer them with originality:   

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