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How to Find a Job Without Using an Online Job Board

online job board

Finding a job without applying on an online job board is very do-able and, in fact, may be the most effective way to connect with a new job. In fact, focusing all of your job search efforts on job boards has some major disadvantages for job seekers.   

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3 Pinterest Hacks to Help Land Your Dream Job

pinterest hacks

Did you know Pinterest has become a powerful place to when looking for work? Do you know the best job search related Pinterest hacks?

Read on for three Pinterest hacks that’ll arm you with pure job search knowledge…

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New Connections: How to Become Instantly Memorable

new connections

When the chips are down, and everyone does the same old crap, what can you do to stand out from the rest when making new connections?

What value can you offer? How can you help the person you just met?   

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