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Beware the Job Search Generalist Trap


See if this sounds familiar to your job search…

You start out with a pretty clear idea of what type of job you want. A few weeks go by with no bites on your resume, so you apply to a few more jobs. A couple more weeks go by.


Fear and panic start to creep in.

So you broaden your job search net to try to catch more jobs. More weeks go by, more broadening, and before you know it you find yourself telling people the following.

“I’ll take anything! I’ll do anything! Just give me a job! Please, someone, anyone?”

Bam! You’ve just unwittingly fallen into the generalist trap.   

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The Dangers of “If I Just Do This One Thing” Syndrome

one thing

I’ve noticed a phenomenon I’ve dubbed the “‘if I just do this one thing…’ syndrome”.

This syndrome seemed so familiar because I used to fall prey to it all the time.

You see, when I first began my career coaching business I constantly thought my success was just one step away.   

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The 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Ways to Find a Job


I spend a lot of time reading job search and career-related books. And in all this reading one piece of information has proven constant: The job search strategy most likely to yield results… networking. The worst job search strategy is to avoid all human contact and only apply for jobs virtually.

Listed below is a summary of job search strategies and their general effectiveness from the classic career book, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”. Here are the 5 best, and the 5 worst, ways to find a job:   

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5 Mindsets to Help You Master the Job Search


For many job seekers, the job search process can be quite an emotional trial. After all, you have to get out of your comfort zone while facing the possibility of repeated rejection… not the best feeling in the world.

Then there are the highs and lows of job searching. One day you’re feeling hopeful and excited about an opportunity. Three days later you’re feeling like crap…   

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