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15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career

With each New Year, I take time to reflect on a lifetime of lessons I’ve learned on the front lines of living and building a thriving career. And in case I need a reminder to reflect, when I speak at universities all over the country I’m often asked by students, “What do you know now that you wish you knew, back then, when you started your career?” First of all, I try not to think about the fact that “back then” was over 25 years ago, back when an app was only a delicious pre-dinner treat and über was just   

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Career Confusion: Which Job Might Be Right For You? [Infographic]


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” From about the age of six, this is a question we hear often. And by the time we’re in high school, it seems everyone we meet asks us some variation of this question. But how do you really know – based on your strengths, weaknesses and personality type –what career is right for you? And if you do already have an answer to the “…when you grow up…” question, how do you know if that career will be in high demand by employers? Vista College, through this comprehensive infographic, not   

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3 Things You’re Getting Really Wrong About Job Interviews

why no job

I spent a Sunday afternoon coaching Jeff to get ready for an interview he had the next day. It was a company he really wanted to work for. He didn’t want to leave disappointed one more time.

And the day would be grueling. He had 5 one-on-one interviews – each an hour long. In between all that there was a lunch with a few of the team members.

To be successful in this interview, I knew he would need to change up his strategy completely.

While working with him, I saw beliefs about the interview I see in many new grad job seekers.   

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No Experience, No Problem: How 4 Young Pros Got Their Dream Gigs

No Experience No Problem

An Army combat engineer turned advertising executive. A banking executive turned career counselor. A mother of 12, now a communications writer. An Intel engineer turned comedian. These are not your typical career changes.

Here are the inspiring stories and creative strategies these people used to transition into a job they love — without related work experience or education.   

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Follow These 5 Tips Before Saying “Yes!” to That New Job Offer

Job Offer Before You Say Yes

You’ve achieved the Holy Grail of job search – the job offer. Congratulations!

You’ve worked hard, and it might be tempting to give an immediate “YES!” to that employer. However, no matter how desperate your situation might be – or how long your job search has been – always take the time to review a job offer before you sign that offer letter…   

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Career Blunders: 4 Ways to Be a Terrible Intern


Your internship has the possibility to give you meaningful experiences and important career lessons and connections that change your life entirely. Sounds like too much work to us!

Just go through the motions and follow our guide to gaining absolutely nothing from your internship and, in no time at all, your boss will be saying, “We have an intern?”   

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