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What Matters Most: Your College Major or Mastered Soft Skills?

Degree or Soft Skills

Many of us agonized over choosing our college major. We were told that the major we chose would determine our career path and our earnings potential for the rest of our life.

What we weren’t told was most of us would never work within our chosen field anyway; that our major doesn’t matter. And that employers are not that picky about college majors…   

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Is an MBA a Stupid Investment?


So you’re thinking you want an MBA. Earning your MBA can cost thousands of dollars. Contrast that fact against starting your own company in the Internet age which can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars. Quite a difference, right?

And while being an MBA graduate still has a certain cachet in the professional world, entrepreneurial college dropouts like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg did just fine without.

That MBA on your resume might not distinguish you from your peers now as much as it once did, but they have their upsides. Let’s take a look at the bad and the good of earning an MBA today.   

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Want to Reach the Top 1%? Adopt this Simple Habit

Success Baby

“Formal education gets you a job, self education gets you rich.” – Jim Rohn

As you know, I’m kind of a big fan of formal education. However, a college degree alone is not enough. Those who succeed are always learning.

Self-education is a habit, and the earlier you start the more successful you will be. Period.   

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Important Advice to Students from The Mentor Side of the Desk

When the student showed up in my office inquiring about his very low final grade, it began as a fairly routine appointment. Before I knew it, it had escalated into one of the ugliest exchanges I have ever had with a student – a very rare experience for me.

Perhaps the exchange would have ended differently had I given him the following advice instead:   

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#InternPro Chat: Career Centers 2.0 – Do New Realities Mean New Expectations?

In case you missed this week’s compelling (and fast paced!) conversation about career centers as they move into the 21st Century, here’s a summary of the 1-hour conversation that you – thanks to the #InternPro community – can digest in just 5 minutes.   

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Your GPA Sucks… and I Will Hire You Anyway

There’s just a few more months left in the school year. College graduation – and job interviews – are just around the corner…

I remember this time during college, very well. I’d be graduating, soon. So I’d periodically pull out my transcript and stare at my GPA, trying to mentally manipulate it into growing larger and more respectable. I guess I thought that if I stared hard enough, somehow I could make my GPA look more attractive to employers.   

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