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Expand Your Employability: 3 Ideas to Get Noticed and Hired

Get noticed

During your job search, you’re competing with countless experienced job seekers who have been unemployed for months or years, and also with new grads who have the exact same degree as you. To catch a recruiter’s attention you have to show that you’re the candidate to hire.

So how do make yourself stand out?    

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How Job Seekers Can Overcome “Analysis Paralysis”


Too many job seekers accomplish very little from day to day because they believe they have to have everything perfect before they make a call, submit a resume, pursue a job lead, or set a meeting. They get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”!!! I’m a big believer in great preparation, and many of my articles talk extensively about preparing and practicing thoroughly in order to present yourself as professionally as you can. However, at some point you have to just decide it’s close enough and jump in! Otherwise, you end up achieving little. Some basic realizations can help you put things   

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5 Killer Tips to Build Your Job Interview Confidence


The job interview: the one component of the job search process we most love to hate.

While the interview serves as a sign from the employer that you are being strongly considered for a position, it also can be a huge source of angst for candidates who fear they’ll take themselves out of the running by making critical mistakes.

A great way to overcome job interview anxiety: begin feeling good about the process! Need help getting there? Here are five killer tips to build your interviewing confidence…   

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Job Seekers: Do’s and Don’ts of Saying “Thank You” [INFOGRAPHIC]


In step with Thanksgiving tradition, many of us are reflecting on little ways to express how thankful we are.

However, don’t save your expressions of gratitude for just prior to digging into your Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, use this opportunity to amp up your job search by setting yourself apart from the competition with the way you say “thanks”.   

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You’re Not a Job Seeker… You’re a Salesperson

While everyone has something to say about what job seekers should do and how they should do it, the best advice comes from the those who do it every day – and guess what – the best advice doesn’t always come from HR.

We’ve all heard it said that looking for work is a full-time job, but what kind of job is it?   

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