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11 Pieces of No BS Advice for Today’s Job Seeker


We recently launched our new series, “The Answer Zone: A Place for No BS Career Advice” on Blab. The inaugural episode featured as our guests Mark Babbitt, leadership and career mentor and founder of YouTern, and  Salina Mendoza, a recruiter based in California. During that first episode, our conversation focused on how much technology, and particularly social media, has changed the job search over the past few years. Here are just some of the highlights from our discussion: The Job Search Has Changed… a Lot Job seekers must understand just how competitive the job market is today. We need to   

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Job Seeker: Do You Know What You REALLY Want?

Mind reader

We recruiters work hard to make meaningful connections; perhaps harder than any other professional. The result: recruiters are some of the most well-networked people around the globe. Yes, we are the gatekeepers. And chances are high that most recruiters know someone that can connect you to someone that will help you get that dream job. Before we help YOU though, we want you to know we need for you to help yourself FIRST! Maybe you’ve never had to network to pay the bills. Maybe you don’t know how this game works. That’s okay. Don’t get frustrated. Stay positive and open-minded. I am going to let   

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New Job Seekers Must Know These 6 Things

must know

If you haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of looking for a new job recently (or ever for you new college graduates), you may not yet be up to speed with current techniques and trends… and you will need to brush up on some job search skills…

Here are the six things every new job seeker must know in order to compete well in today’s job market…   

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How to Use the 4 Major Social Networks to Get Your Dream Job

Job Seekers and the Four Major Social Networks

For quite some time, social media has been a major force in the daily life of the 21st Century job seeker. But which networks are the most productive? What should a job seeker do on each to get the biggest bang for their digital buck?

Here are specific tips to help you harness the power of each of the 4 major social media platforms… and get your dream job.   

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8 Steps to Becoming a Rock Star Job Seeker


The job search is tough, I know. On plenty of days, I want to throw my laptop out the window from pure frustration. However, I’ve learned to pull it together during the toughest times as I vowed that “I will beat this job search!”

Having this can-do attitude has helped me tremendously, so I would love to help you get to this point, as well…   

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The Ultimate Rejection Letter: CEO Fail or Mentoring Moment?


At YouTern, we often say “coachability” – your willingness to learn from mistakes, accept and absorb feedback and then make deliberate improvements – is a huge factor in getting hired.

Successful job seekers and young professionals are coachable. Those who are not coachable… fail, and fail often.

Am I coachable?

You may be asking yourself that question. Lucky for you, a recent Gawker post titled “Here’s How to Condescend to 900 Job Applicants with a 3,000 Word Rejection Letter” (sub-titled “42 Do’s and Don’ts from a Dick”) provides an excellent litmus test for your level of coachability.   

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