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Get Your First Internship in 3 Simple Steps

3 Steps

When I first started college back in 2006, internships weren’t the first thing on my mind; quite frankly, they weren’t the most popular thing to do.

As graduating talent becomes stronger, however, the need to differentiate yourself from your peers is a crucial part of the college experience…   

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7 Things We Don’t Learn Before Graduation (But Should)

Before Graduation

Winter term is well under way. Soon, the commencement speeches will begin and caps will be flying through the air. Seniors: that hard-earned degree will finally be yours!

And it won’t be the answer all of life’s mysteries. It won’t solve all your problems. By itself, it won’t even mean a good career, or a good life. Here’s why…   

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11 Tips to Make Grad School Work for You

You might have some preconceived notions about what your experience in graduate school will be like. But once you’re living it, the view completely changes. And I think you’ll find grad school to be a spiritual journey as much as a professional one.

As someone who spent two years in grad school only to finish without a job prospect in sight, here are 11 tips I’ve learned to get the most out of your graduate school experience:   

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Book Review: “Say This, Not That to Your Professor” by Ellen Bremen

So many books we’re asked to review at YouTern follow the same pattern: “I’ve been around longer than you, I’m going to tell you what to do by talking at you, and you will learn from my wisdom!” “Say This, Not That to Your Professor” by Ellen Bremen is NOT one of those books. Instead, this is a confidence-building manifesto; a collection of real-world scenarios witnessed by a professor at the top of her game. This book helps students find the right words to excel in college – and well after graduation as they join the workforce with a clear   

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