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5 Ways Blogging Hurts Your Personal Brand

Blogging vs Branding

There has been a lot of talk about how everyone in a job search (or are otherwise currently obsessed with their personal brand) should be blogging.

I call “Bullsh*t”.

Not for the reasons cited by most opponents of the everyone-must-blog argument, however…   

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Blogging for Dollars: Brand Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

Blogging for Dollars

As a job seeker or young professional, should you start blogging now?

Blogging can be mostly free, you can set up your blog in just days, and can develop a following in just a few short weeks. So, even though the short answer may really be “maybe”…I say
“yes, start blogging!”

When potential employers search for your name on the internet, they will see your blog and that you are an authority in your field…   

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