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Advanced Degree but No Experience? Here’s How to Get a Great Job

advanced degree no experience

Graduate school was a great experience for me. In addition to my coursework, I was a teaching assistant, served on an educational committee, wrote a thesis and presented a paper at an academic conference. By the time I graduated I felt prepared for the job market, and I was eager to see where my career path would take me next. Only, “next” took me a long time to reach, and when I got there it was not what I was expecting. It took me over a year to find a job in my field. I made it to the final   

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Go Back to College… Or Get To Work?

Since the big crash in 2008, many workers have decided to go back to school to earn an advanced degree hoping that investing in their education now, will result in a bigger job and more money later.

Great idea in theory, but as far as actual payoff goes, many find that the “going back to school” response doesn’t pay off the returns they expected.   

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