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Action Verbs: Putting Your Resume to Work [Infographic]

Action Verbs

You may be the most “results-driven” employee on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you’ve ever actually delivered results. The way recruiters and hiring managers see it, those are the words you use when you don’t have anything concrete to talk about. The people you’re trying to impress don’t really care about how much effort you put into your job; they want to know what you’ve accomplished. That’s why your resume should contain lots of action verbs.   

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The Descriptive Keywords that Make Your Resume More Powerful

descriptive keywords

The point of the resume is to make a solid first impression. But doing so requires strong, descriptive keywords that effectively market your experience.

No hiring manager wants to read a resume that’s full of nondescript adjectives, or one that lacks powerful verbs…


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200+ Powerful Action Verbs Perfect for Your Resume [Infographic]


Ever wonder exactly what words to use on your resume? Not getting enough job interviews, and need to kick your resume up a notch?

This simple infographic from KickResume is going to help! Here, broken down by the most popular job categories, you’ll find 222 powerful action verbs perfect for your resume…   

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