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Vote for YouTern: About.com’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” Finals


Thanks to the support of our community, YouTern and The Savvy Intern are now more popular than Argo; considered as contagious as the Harlem Shake; and are cuter than Taylor Swift!

Okay, no. We’re not any of those things… However, we ARE one of the five finalists in About.com’s “Reader’s Choice Awards for 2013”…   

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How “About” Helping a Job Seeker Get Their Wings?


With your indulgence, we’d like to ask for your help again…

About.com is asking for nominations for both Best Career Blog and Best Job Site for Students… and we’d appreciate your support in getting YouTern to the top of both lists. We’re up against some big players in the space… and we need your help!

When you have a moment, please nominate YouTern for both categories on About.com. Here’s how…   

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