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5 Resume Tips from a (Formerly) Unsuccessful Job Seeker

Resume Do Something Different

Recently I read a comment on a blog post that said something like this: “I’ve been out of work for 7 months. I am applying for jobs that I’m well-qualified for. I’m not having any luck on LinkedIn either. I can’t even get an interview.”

I can’t help but think that a lot of similarities exist between the commenter and many of my fellow recent graduates; this is a position many of us have been in during the last 5 years…   

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Is Your Job Search Dying? Treat the Disease!

Treat the Symptoms

Dave Ramsey is fond of saying that debt is a symptom, not a disease. In Dave’s view, the disease which causes debt is overspending. Dave spends a lot of time teaching people how to budget their money; how to treat the disease, not the symptom. This method helps the over-spenders not only get out of debt, but stay out of debt, too.

Searching for a job is the same concept…   

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