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Wasted Productivity: The Myth of the 8 Hour Workday [Infographic]

wasted productivity

Did you ever check your Facebook news feed and notice that, according to the time stamps, a surprising number of your friends are posting during the workday? That’s just one example of employees using their companies’ time for something other than work. The 8-hour workday originated during the industrial age. Today, however, employees are spending fewer and fewer hours of the business day actually engaging in traditional work. Does this amount to wasted productivity?    

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Embrace the Future: Ditch the 8-Hour Workday

8 hour workday

With all due respect to Henry Ford, in today’s information economy the 8-hour workday he pioneered is irrelevant for many workers. The 8-hour shift was great for factory workers then working something like 12 hours a day. Things have changed, however — and a warm body pounding away at a computer for eight hours doesn’t translate into increased productivity. Today, technology can unchain us from the workplace; mobile offices are sprouting up everywhere. Major companies allow telecommuting at least some of the time. For instance, 80 to 90 percent of Cisco and Accenture employees are  regular telecommuters, according to Fortune. Many tech   

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