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#60Day Challenge, Day 20: Make LinkedIn Say “Hire Me!”

#60Day 20 of 60

As we said yesterday, everyone needs a “Hire Me” story – that compelling tale that seals the deal with a potential employer.

Today, you are going to differentiate yourself from every other candidate by integrating your Hire Me story into your LinkedIn summary…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 18: Visit Your Career Center

#60Day 18 of 60

On day 18 of the #60Day Challenge – where we focus on one 60-minute task every day for 60 days, all in an effort to help you become far more employable just two months from now – we visit a wholly under-utilized resource…

Your school’s career center.   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 17: Build Your Elevator Pitch, Part 2

#60Day 17 of 60

Yesterday, on Day 16 of the #60Day Challenge, we began building your brand new, conversational elevator pitch. We continue that task today…

When you’re done, instead of that monotonous speech everyone else delivers, you will be prepared to present a confident self-introduction that both impresses the audience, and lets them know you’ve done your homework. In other words, you’ll start a conversation the recipient wants to continue.   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 16: Build Your Elevator Pitch

#60Day 16 of 60

Ah, the elevator pitch. The 30-seconds of speaking that baffles so many, and scares so many more. Why is the elevator pitch so gut-wrenching? Why do most young professionals put off perfecting their “all about me” commercial?

Because they’ve been taught to think the elevator pitch must be… perfect. Perfect words. Perfect cadence. Perfect delivery. And this couldn’t be further from the truth…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 15: Say Thank You

#60Day 15a of 60

Day 15 of our challenge isn’t about you. Not directly, anyway.

Today is about taking the time to do something almost no one does. Not because we aren’t aware of the importance; or because of a lack of gratitude. We fail in this area for one reason: we get so tied up in our own life, including a stressful job search, we don’t take the time to show appreciation to those who care enough to help us achieve our immediate goals.

Today, we say “thank you”…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 14: Volunteer!

#60Day 14 of 60

One of the best ways for a young professional with limited work experience to impress an employer? Volunteering.

And yet, very few young careerists feature volunteering on their resumes or LinkedIn profiles. So your task for Day 14 of the #60Day Challenge: arrange two high-quality volunteer assignments…   

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