Social Proof: What Are They Saying About You Online?

social proof

Whether it’s a hamburger or a computer, we are all looking for objective information (or social proof) to help us make our decisions.

Employers take the same approach when looking for the right candidate…   

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Step Up Your Job Search: Use the Full Power of LinkedIn [Infographic]

LinkedIn tools

Looking for a way to shift your job search into high gear? You’re not alone.

So why not take full advantage of the most powerful job search networking platform available, LinkedIn?   

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Tapping the Job Search Power of an Employee Referral

employee referral

Are you tired of your application falling into a black hole? Want a better way to communicate with a potential employer and secure an interview?

Then you need to earn an employee referral!   

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Workplace Attitude: Overcoming Negative Thinking [Infographic]

workplace attitude

In the workplace, working alongside many colleagues, if even one person is having a bad day, the negativity can create friction and unhappiness affecting workplace attitude.

This infographic from QuidCorner looks at how to handle the challenge of not getting bogged down by negative thoughts or gloomy moods…   

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4 Essential Skills to Help You Avoid Professional Discomfort

professional discomfort

Looking back, my first job was one that almost any new graduate would have loved to land.

But this was my first taste of personal and professional discomfort…   

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Hidden LinkedIn Features: A Treasure Trove for Success

hidden linkedin Features

Because LinkedIn has made quite a few changes recently, this is a good time to update my hidden LinkedIn features list. When I tell audiences about these features and tools, the reaction is typically… 

“I didn’t know I could do that on LinkedIn!”   

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