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2021 Job Search: What You Need to Know for the New Year

2021 job search

Searching for a new job now and into 2021 means that you’ll need an understanding of labor market trends as well as recruiting trends. This information will help you conduct a smarter 2021 job search.

The job search landscape has once again become treacherous. The pandemic has forced some employers, not all, to lay off or furlough employees. Yet some industries are booming. I want to help you understand what’s going on, so you can adjust your job search. So here’s what you need to know about searching for a new job now and into 2021   

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How to Recognize a Potentially Toxic Work Environment [Infographic]

toxic work environment

You got the call, and the company with your dream job opening wants to interview you. As you do your research and prep your interview questions, there’s a specific cultural factor to check out that many people ignore: Is it a toxic work environment? No matter how great the title, the pay, or the role, if a company’s culture is toxic, you will regret taking the job. Thankfully, there are ways to look deeper into a company’s culture both before and during your interview to discover whether it’s toxic on some level.   

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Online Classes: A Timely Path to Professional Development

online classes

Online classes are an easy way to learn new skills. Check out these 16 training providers offering online classes and uplevel your skills at any time anywhere. Now is the best time to invest in learning new skills and focus on your professional development.   

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Where to Look Online for Remote Work and Side Gigs

remote work

Looking for websites that list remote work and side gigs can be frustrating. Most of the traditional job boards don’t offer an easy way to find these types of opportunities (yet). Finding sites for remote work and ones that only list legitimate part-time, work from home (wfh), or freelancing assignments can be challenging. But this is changing. More employers are open to the idea of remote workers and more workers want to work remotely.   

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Remote Working: Make the Transition to Working from Home [Infographic]

remote working

Well, here we are again. Another week begins and we’re still working from home. We might as well face it. We could be here a while. But look on the bright side, telecommuting does have its advantages. The commute is certainly a lot easier. The only traffic jam you’ll likely experience is when the kids are hogging the bathroom. More importantly, research suggests that working from home can actually make you more productive. Your living room can be a productive workspace. You just have to make the transition to telecommuting.   

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One Critical Career Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make on LinkedIn

critical career mistake

If you haven’t given serious thought to what location and industry you’ve selected on your LinkedIn profile, you’re probably leaving money on the table and making a critical career mistake. Why? Because you aren’t coming up in the search list when your target audience uses location and industry to search for someone like you.   

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