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#60Day Challenge, Day 14: Volunteer!

#60Day 14 of 60

One of the best ways for a young professional with limited work experience to impress an employer? Volunteering.

And yet, very few young careerists feature volunteering on their resumes or LinkedIn profiles. So your task for Day 14 of the #60Day Challenge: arrange two high-quality volunteer assignments…   

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9 Ways Volunteering Helps Shape Your Career

Volunteering and Your Career

Volunteering is a mutually beneficial opportunity; a chance to help the greater good, while providing you with great self-reward.

What you might not know is that volunteering is well worth your time and effort in order to advance in your career, or transition into a new one. Consider the reasons why… and then volunteer!   

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Gen Y: Poised to Become the “Give Before You Take” Generation?


Despite being a generation with a record number of college degrees, the economy during Gen Y’s early career years has been more than challenging.

Still, many Millennials aren’t sitting around waiting for something good to happen. They’re already making a big impact on the world around them. Perhaps they’ll become known as the “Give Before You Take” generation?   

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Social Media: The Cure for Common HR and Candidate Apathy?

The more I work with both HR and young careerists, the more often I wonder how anyone gets hired.

By now, job seekers have had plenty of time to know what it takes to become employable in our new economy; yet few put in the work necessary to be a top candidate. HR knows exactly what they need to recruit top talent; yet far too many recruiters use tools and techniques from the 1980s.

It is almost as if we’re saying, “We each have something the other person needs, desperately… but we refuse to work together.”   

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12 Reasons Community Service Should Be Required Curriculum

For most people, volunteering is an extra; something that’s nice to do, but not absolutely necessary. Although plenty of students do community service, the number of students who volunteer is dropping at a rapid rate. Consider this: college student volunteerism peaked in 2004 at 31.2%, and in 2010, got down to 26.1%. Nearly three-fourths of students are missing out on an incredibly enriching experience that can benefit them not just personally, but professionally as well. Why is this such a big deal? Read on to understand 12 reasons why community service is so vital to student success, and why volunteering   

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Unusual Career Advice for College Grads: Work for Free

Have you ever wondered what makes people successful? Have you ever wondered what makes people wealthy? There are a lot of opinions on this, but one common theme. Successful people work for free.

This idea is made clear in the book, “Good To Great”, by Jim Collins and it is called the hedgehog concept. The metaphor is borrowed from the tale of the smart fox who was consistently outmaneuvered by the spiky hedgehog blows.    

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