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Volunteer Culture: Does Your Company Support Social Engagement?

volunteer culture

According to the Deloitte “2017 Volunteerism Survey” of American workers. employees and employers who establish a volunteer culture at work earn a host of benefits.

The study discovered that volunteerism culture boosts morale, brand perception and workplace atmosphere…   

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8 Professional Benefits of Volunteerism (And How to Get Involved)


Like most people, you probably lead a busy life and actively try to make the most of your time away from work. It feels like there’s little to no time for one more activity.

But it may be time to clear your schedule and make room for volunteerism…   

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Community Service: A Valuable Investment in Your Career

community service

Every day, dozens of commitments (and distractions) vie for our time. There are project deadlines, team meetings and client lunches to juggle at the office; chores, school work, sports practice and the ever-present question of “What’s for dinner?” to deal with at home. It’s easy to see how the idea of “giving back” gets pushed to the side, to become something you’ll focus on later, when the kids are grown or when you retire. That impulse is understandable, but I would argue that you do have time right now for community service, to volunteer and help others. Here’s why.

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Volunteer Experience: Impressing Employers with New Skills

volunteer experience

Can volunteer experience really help you get your next gig?

Volunteering between gigs tells employers that you care about something other than making money. In fact, in a survey of over 3,000 hiring managers, sixty percent said that volunteering made candidates more marketable.   

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6 Reasons Volunteering is Great for Your Job Search


Struggling to accrue the necessary experience to find a good job? Getting beat up by a long job search?

If you are a new grad with little actual work experience, or a job seeker looking for your next position, here are the reasons that you must consider volunteering…   

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10 Reasons Community Service Should Be Required in College

Volunteering is often considered something that’s nice to do, but not absolutely necessary. As a result, the number of students who volunteer is dropping at a rapid rate.

In fact, college student volunteerism peaked in 2004 at 31.2% and by 2010 had dropped down to 26.1%. Which means 3 out of 4 students are missing out on an enriching experience that benefits personally and professionally…   

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