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Tech Jobs: Looking Forward in 2019 and Beyond [Infographic]

tech jobs

Technology shapes the future. Tech careers shape the future of the job market. So maybe a job in technology is the right career move for you?

To help you decide, check out this infographic from Modis…   

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27 Chrome Extensions that Help Boost Productivity [Infographic]

boost productivity

Google Chrome is far and away the most popular browser around and it supports a huge number of extensions, which are lightweight, easy-to-install, and usually free. Things you thought impossible to achieve with a browser become possible with these add-ons. And processes you never even imagined become easy. It’s even become possible to boost productivity simply by configuring your Chrome extensions.   

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The Future of Work: What Will Your 2027 Job Look Like? [Infographic]

future of work

The nature of work, as we know it, changes radically. The rapid pace of technological change, shifting demographics, and accelerating globalization drive the transformation and define the future of work. In fact, people often say that only change remains constant. It is now more accurate to say the only constant is an ever-accelerating rate of change. To survive in the modern economy, companies must excel at adapting to changing markets, technologies, and business landscapes. This requires tapping into people’s innate capacity for learning, growth, and innovation. Are you ready for your future job?   

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Your Smart Phone: Perhaps Your Biggest Productivity Problem

productivity problem

Phones are, perhaps, the biggest productivity problem at work. The battle between your brain and your phone is a constant one, and a hard one to win.

Still, it’s worth trying, even if it takes a few days to break the habit of swiping that screen on while you’re clocked in…   

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The Future of Work: Are You Ready for a Flexible Work Schedule?

flexible work schedule

Working remotely. A flexjob. Telecommuting. A virtual contributor. Whatever you want to call a more flexible work schedule, it is clearly not a trend.

In fact, there has been a 115% percent increase in telecommuting…   

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Online Education: The New Path to Career Advancement [Infographic]

online education

For many, career advancement requires continuing education. Thankfully, technology has made online education a very real alternative – and a new path to career advancement.

This infographic from presents the facts about online education and how you can make it work for you…   

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