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5 Essential Soft Skills for an Automated World [Infographic]

essential Soft Sills

As a society, we are no strangers to the side effects of automation. When our ancestors developed a plow to till their fields, a single farmer could suddenly do as much work as a dozen men. When the printing press arrived in Europe, scribes who had carefully cultivated their craft quickly found themselves out of work. The biggest difference between modern workers and our industrious ancestors is that we face a much more rapid pace of automation. As the pace of automation increases, workers will have to reassess their skill sets and focus on those essential soft skills that will humanize our automated world.   

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40 Productivity Tips to Help You Get More Done [Infographic]

productivity tips

Did you ever feel like you have too much to do and too little time to do it? In our fast-paced world, finding the time do all the things you need to do, not to mention the things you want to do, may seem difficult. But how much of that is on you? Perhaps you waste time without even realizing it. After all, you only glance at your phone for second and you only check your personal email between tasks. A few productivity tips can help you stay focus and achieve more each day.   

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Performance Conversations: How to Hold a One-on-one with the Boss

performance conversations

Conversations about your performance are a given if you are an employee. You are hired to do a job and your employer wants assurance they made the right decision. They want you to succeed and grow in return for your valuable contribution. However, the quality, frequency, and format of performance conversations vary widely in the workplace. At the core is the relationship with your line manager. So it pays to give proper attention to your one-to-one.   

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Social Learning: How Do We Learn In-Demand Soft Skills? [Infographic]

social learning

More and more, potential employers are looking at soft skills to differentiate between equally qualified candidates. Today’s businesses want to focus on connecting with people. Soft skills facilitate the connection between coworkers and between customers and employees. They include all personal interaction and emotional intelligence skills such as being positive and friendly, communicating well, solving problems, observing, organizing, adapting and more. But how do we acquire these skills? We learn them from each other through social learning.   

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Daily Time Management: The Personal Productivity Skill [Infographic]

personal productivity

Time is one of our most valuable commodities. As they say, time wasted is the one thing you can never get back.

Subsequently, time management and personal productivity have become some of the most essential life skills to master…   

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9 CEOs Share Their Secrets to a Productive Commute [Infographic]

productive commute

There’s no doubt: Commuting to and from work can be stressful and time consuming.

But how are we spending all that time? Are we just moving from one place to another? Wouldn’t you and your career benefit from a more productive commute?   

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