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10 Critical Skills for Career Success in the Coming Year [Infographic]

critical skills

Work today is increasingly collaborative and focused on solving complex problems in creative ways. This trend can only continue in the years and decades ahead. Work is also more trans-disciplinary than before. Those static, hard skills you learned in college are becoming less and less relevant. Oh, there will always be a need for knowledgeable experts, especially in STEM fields. But the critical skills of the future can’t be learned in a traditional classroom.   

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Diplomacy Skills: 12 Things Never to Say at Work [Infographic]

diplomacy skills

We all speak multiple languages. Even those of us who are linguistically challenged. Think about it. When you were a teenager you spoke one language around your parents, teachers, and other adults and a completely different language with your friends. Sometimes, when you were stressed out or felt like the life of teenager was unfair, you slipped up… and that’s when you got into real trouble. It can be the same in your office today. Sometimes playing along with office politics requires strong diplomacy skills.   

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Productivity Killers: 3 Bandits Stealing Your Time [Infographic]

productivity killers

Many of us don’t get as much work done as they would like to. Distractions add up as the day goes by and affect our productivity. Managing time efficiently and focusing on high-value work can help defeat the productivity killers you run into every day.   

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6 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Influence Your Micro-Manager Boss

micro-manager boss

Your boss is a human being and, as we know, to err is human, which means that sometimes even those petty, annoying micro-managers don’t do all those things on purpose. And, even if your boss is simply a bit controlling, there are ways to help you communicate your dissatisfaction, influence your boss, and improve your position.   

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Problem Solving: The In-Demand Soft Skill [Infographic]

problem solving

Ok, so maybe you didn’t go to finest school. And maybe you didn’t major in business. You can still compete for that job you really want. In today’s job market, success is less about what you did in school and more about the skills you bring to the table. Are you a problem solver? More and more, potential employers are looking at soft skills to differentiate between qualified candidates. And problem solving is one of the most in-demand soft skills of them all.   

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Emotional Intelligence: A Key to Workplace Success [Infographic]

emotional intelligence

While there are many benefits to having high intelligence, many managers, supervisors, and other workers—particularly those who work in businesses in which interpersonal relationships are key—have become keenly aware that workplace success may depend on their ability to use another invaluable personality trait: emotional intelligence.   

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