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Do You Need Help from a Professional Resume Writer?

resume writer

Do you really need to hire a professional resume writer?

If you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to write your own resume, then hiring a professional resume writer is better than the uninspired document you might come up with.   

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How to Put Strategic Skills Employers Want on Your Resume

strategic skills

If you’re going to rock the job market and get interviews, then you have to put strategic skills on your resume.

The goal is to hit the sweet spot of alignment between what you want and what employers want…   

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How to Highlight Soft Skills on Your Resume [Infographic]

highlight soft skills

Soft skills assessment is one of the leading factors affecting future recruiting trends according to LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends survey.

So, how do you go beyond the buzzwords on your resume to highlight soft skills the company desires? And the company culture demands?   

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Relevant Job Skills: Must Haves for Your Resume [Infographic]

relevant job skills

This infographic from CareerBuilder lists a whole range of soft-skills and hard-skills and discusses how to tailor your resume so that only the most important and relevant are showcased and demonstrated.

Becasue if your resume is everything they want… there’s a good chance you are too.   

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The Paper Resume: Not the Best Way to Impress During a Job Search

paper resume

I’ve now spent more time on the other side of the table interviewing and hiring job applicants.

So now I’ve come to see the paper resume as just one small component of a much larger picture…   

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20 Resume Writing Mistakes that Could Cost You the Job

resume writing mistakes

Short on time but big on your need for a quality resume?

Check out these common resume writing mistakes, along with hints for just how to avoid them…   

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