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Personal Branding: Your Path to Career Success [Infographic]

personal branding

With the rise of social media, personal branding is becoming more important than ever. From your LinkedIn profile to your Instagram account, your brand can be used to create a cohesive summary of who you are and what you represent. A succinct and cohesive personal brand can help set you on the path to success in your career by building brand recognition and improving your network of connections.   

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10 Powerful Tips for Building a Portfolio Website [Infographic]

portfolio website

Before the internet, photographers, designers, and creative artists used to rely on printed portfolios – big, unwieldy leather cases that they would lug around from place to place trying to “sell” their talent. Sounds a lot like your resume, doesn’t it? With the rapid growth of the internet and online marketing, creative artists all over the world have transformed those dull, printed portfolio books into online portfolio websites. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same. No matter what your field of expertise, having your own portfolio website is imperative.   

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Personal Branding Experts Reveal the Secrets of Success [Infographic]

personal branding experts

These A to Z tips from personal branding experts will help you begin making sure that you become a known commodity. From blogging to getting the most from LinkedIn, these tips will help you get noticed. They’ll show you how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram strategically to build a reputation as a go-to voice in your area of expertise. In general, they’ll help you put yourself out there for others to see and teach you how to actively participate in building your online reputation.   

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Personal Videos: A Powerful Way to Support Your Brand

personal videos

Are you ready to use personal videos to support your brand? Videos are the cornerstone of marketing in today’s digital world. And your job search is all about marketing!

So it’s time to develop some new marketing skills!   

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Effective Personal Branding: Representing Your Expertise [Infographic]

effective personal branding

By now, everyone knows your online presence can make or break your career. We know that a bad online reputation can cause harm and a good one can enhance your prospects. So, we take down the party pictures and carefully craft our profiles and then… sit back and hope it works. But, is that effective personal branding, or is there more to it? With social media platforms changing every day, adding features and deploying new filters, your simple online persona may not have the impact you were hoping for.   

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9 Steps to an Improved Personal Brand [Infographic]

improved personal brand

Marketers have long understood the value of a strong brand. To make sure their brand is on everyone’s mind, they create elaborate, targeted campaigns across multiple media formats. It’s how they sell their product.

An improved personal brand requires the same approach…   

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