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The Secret to Getting the Most Out of Your Mentor Relationships

mentor relationships

The internet is chock-full of advice on how to boost your career success. While most of these articles are helpful (I’ve written quite a few myself), they seem to largely focus on how to find success by yourself.

But what about finding success through others? That’s where mentor relationships come into play.   

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Let’s Clear Up These 6 Mentorship Myths

mentorship myths

There are so many myths out there: The Lochness Monster, the Bermuda Triangle, all that stuff that happened on the set of Poltergeist, for example. And there are plenty of mentorship myths, too.

The reality is that people think certain things when they hear the word mentor, and a lot of it is false…   

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How a Mentor Can Up Your Career Game


Sometimes you get to a point in your career where you need guidance from someone who’s been there before. Enter the mentor.

The benefits of having a stellar business mentor can be long term, from shaping the way you think about work-life balance to helping you set realistic professional goals…   

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Need a Mentor? Look for These 10 Powerful Mentorship Traits

mentorship traits

We all know how important mentors are to our personal and professional growth. What we don’t know is exactly how to find a good mentor. Specifically, what mentorship traits indicate this person can help us achieve our goals?   

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20 Ideas to Help You Co-manage Mentor Relationships [Infographic]

co-manage mentor relationships

It seems there’s plenty of advice out there about how to be a great mentor… but little on how to become a great mentee.

So where do you turn to learn how do you build a mutually-beneficial relationship with a mentor? What should you expect from a quality mentor?

And how can you help co-manage expectations?   

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Are You a Good Investment? How to Attract the Best Mentors

Investment in People

In the Social Age, when it seems like we’re always on – always connected – our time is precious. How we spend every hour matters.

And yet we – those who have been around for a while longer than our younger colleagues – want to give back. We intentionally find time to do pro bono work, volunteer, teach and – in my case – serve as a mentor…   

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