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25 Inspired Ideas for Your Next Awesome LinkedIn Post

linkedin post

Are you looking for ideas for an awesome LinkedIn post? In this post, you’ll find 25 different types of status updates you can adapt and use. Regularly sharing status updates or posting on LinkedIn is another way to gain exposure and have more people look at your LinkedIn profile.   

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Attract and Engage: The Power of Consistent LinkedIn Status Updates

linkedin status updates

LinkedIn status updates are key to getting your profile noticed. In other words, having a great LinkedIn profile isn’t enough – you need to be active on LinkedIn to attract attention and engage with your network (and beyond).

Don’t just set up your LinkedIn profile and forget it.   

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LinkedIn Profile Changes: Everything You Need to Know

linkedin profile changes

NEWS FLASH—LinkedIn has messed with your profile (or will soon). Yes, that’s three times in three years. And although they may look minor, these LinkedIn profile changes should encourage you to revisit some of your current strategies for the affected areas.   

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Stand Out with the Perfect LinkedIn Headline [Infographic]

linkedin headline

Your LinkedIn headline is the most critical part of your profile. Along with your name and profile photo, it is the first thing people see when they find you in search results or land on your profile. Typically, you have about 7 seconds to impress a potential connection before the move on to the next search result. And aside from your name, your headline is the first thing they’ll see. It’s probably a good idea to make it a good one.   

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How to Make Sure You Get the Right LinkedIn Profile Views

profile views

During one-on-one LinkedIn consultations and also the Q&A time at my presentations, people are consistently interested in learning how they can get profile views from the right people.   

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How to Get Noticed through Engaging LinkedIn Comments

linkedin comments

A robust LinkedIn profile isn’t enough. Sorry. You need to be active on the platform. If you want to increase the number of people looking at your profile and expand your network, then posting engaging LinkedIn comments is the fix! As a social network, LinkedIn rewards people who post engaging content and comments. What do I mean by reward? Your profile gets more visibility. When you associate with high ranking content and people who are influential in your industry/career, you get noticed. Liking isn’t enough to improve your profile’s visibility. And I realize not everyone can or should be writing   

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