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Leadership Development: Time to Think About Career Next Steps

leadership development

Why should you, just starting out in your career, care about leadership development? After all, right now you may think you have more important issues, like getting a good job.   

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Tomorrow’s Leaders: What Does it Really Take to Be CEO [Infographic]

Have What it Takes to Be CEO

So, you want to be a CEO. The Big Kahuna. Grand Poobah. But do you have what it really takes?

This infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management takes an in-depth look at today’s CEO…   

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EQ and You: 7 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

IQ gets all the fame. It has Albert Einstein as a poster child and it just sounds so, well, smart.

But your EQ, your emotional intelligence, is equally as important in your personal success—plus, it’s key in the development of leadership skills…   

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The Women We See as Leaders and Role Models


On our January 13th episode of Breaking Glass – “Who Are the Women Leaders We Should Look To?” – we wanted to check in with our community to learn about the women they admired and followed.   

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When Millennials Become Managers: 5 Keys to Success

Millennial Managers

When you’re a 20-something Millennial managing a group of older employees, there’s no doubt you need to bring your A-game to show the team that despite your age, you’re perfectly capable of stellar leadership.   

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Veterans: Ready to Make a Real Impact in the Workplace

Military Veterans Primed for Success

On this Veterans Day, the team at YouTern honors our military veterans in the best way we could.

Today, we’re letting the working world know just how ready veterans are to make a real impact in the next chapter of their lives: their civilian career.   

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