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New Leaders: The Rise of Millennials in Leadership Roles [Infographic]

new leaders

Every day for the next 19 years, 10,000 baby boomers will reach retirement age. This transition means ample opportunities for new leaders to take the reins of the global economy.

Of course, many of those new leaders will be Millennials…   

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Exhibiting Leadership at Work… Without Being a Leader

exhibiting leadership

Do you enjoy exhibiting leadership at work, but you don’t want to be a leader?

As much as everyone likes to move forward in their career, many professionals don’t want to get into leadership roles…   

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How Happy Employees Can Lead to a Happy Company (Infographic)

happy employees

Whatever steps a company makes toward increasing employee morale, whether it’s flexible scheduling, rewards programs, or office perks, can only increase overall company performance. A highly motivated and enthusiastic workforce will go above the call of duty to meet targets and will happily collaborate to work towards a common goal. A miserable and apathetic workforce will take unexplained sick days and show no willingness to co-operate.   

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5 Leadership Attributes That Make Your Skills Even More Marketable

leadership attributes

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you want a promotion at your current company, simply having the skills is not enough. Instead, you must show your superiors and critics your leadership attributes. You must prove that you know how to employ your skills for the good of the company.   

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Toxic Managers: How to Deal with Horrible Bosses [Infographic]

toxic managers

Thanks to this infographic prepared by GetVoIP, you can learn to better recognize the eight most common types of toxic managers. Perhaps more important, you’ll learn what you can do to lessen their impact on your job experience, productivity and general happiness.

After all, you may not be the poison in your toxic work environment… but you can be the antidote.   

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4 Ways to Demonstrate Leadership Skills Online

demonstrate leadership

As more companies try to do more with less, hiring managers are always on the hunt for candidates who demonstrate leadership skills.

But this leads to a difficult challenge for many younger job candidates…   

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