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What is Your Job Search Resolution for 2018? [Infographic]

job search resolution

So, what’s your job search resolution for 2018?

To help you make a plan, this infographic from The Times of India details the results of their survey on the subject of career goal setting.    

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5 Tips for Sending the Perfect Job Application Email

job application email

Email is a critical aspect of almost every job application. It allows you to effectively communicate with your potential employer and portray yourself as a suitable candidate.

However, what if you don’t follow proper etiquette while sending your job application email? When that happens, you might ruining your chances of getting the job…   

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6 Job Seeking Lessons Learned from the Life of a Freelancer

job seeking lessons

I’ve now successfully made the transition to a freelance writer, and here’s the thing: freelancing is just as cool as you’ve heard. I get to make my own hours, choose my clients, and take meetings in my PJs.

But freelancing is also just as hard as you’ve heard, and I’ve learned a lot of job seeking lessons…   

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Online Job Scams: How to Avoid Job-Related Cons and Thieves

online job scams

Don’t expect to get paid if you fall for one of these online job scams, even if you do some “work” for them. Trust AFTER you verify!

The scammers are endlessly creative, so this is not everything, by any means. But these are the major scams I’ve discovered…   

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Everything You Need to Know About a Craigslist Job Search

craigslist job search

The major job boards are an essential component to the job seeker’s toolkit. But have you considered looking for a job on Craigslist?

Here’s a roundup of what you need to know, and where you should use caution, during your Craigslist job search…


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Should I Really Apply? 6 Questions to Ask Before Submitting Your Resume

submitting your resume

So how do you avoid wasting your time and effort with those applications that might not go anywhere?

Before submitting your resume, ask yourself these six questions…   

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