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Having Trouble Finding the Right Job? Try Google for Jobs [Infographic]


The right job opportunity doesn’t just jump up and introduce itself. You have to look for it. For most people, that much is pretty obvious. But where do you look? You can spend hours combing through all of the online job boards. You can do research and check employment opportunities at companies you want to work for. You can even register with paid recruiting services. But there has to be an easier way, right? Why not do the same thing you do when you’re looking for that perfect empanada recipe? Just Google it.   

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Job Seekers: Do You Have a Personal Career Advisory Board?

job search advisors

Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of people you could reach out to and get help from? By building a strong group of personal job search advisors, you can get advice to help you break down the barriers of job search.   

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Should You Apply for that Online Job Posting? [Infographic]

online job posting

Unfortunately, sometimes an online job posting isn’t real. For every legitimate job advertisement online, there are around 60 to 70 job scams. So, taking the time to see if you should apply for that job is a good idea. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the great jobs from the scams. But the good news is there are lots of pointers in this infographic from that can help you in your decision-making process.   

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How to Find Contacts at the Companies You Want to Work

find contacts

The best job search strategy is to develop a list of target companies (companies you would like to work for) and then find contacts inside those companies.    

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Planning Your Day for a Productive Job Search [Infographic]

productive job search

Imagine you’re looking for your next great job and have an entire day to dedicate to job searching. How should you plan out your schedule? When is the best time to apply for jobs, and when would the best part of the day be to work on your resume? What is your most productive time of day, and which are the best hours to work on the more challenging aspects of a job search? A productive job search takes careful planning.   

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Communication Breakdown: 3 Avoidable Mistakes Job Seekers Make


What you say isn’t always perceived the way you intend. These are three examples of communication mishaps job seekers make.   

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