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A Facebook Job Search: More Effective Than You Think

facebook job search

A Facebook job search can be more effective than you think. One reason recruiters are turning to Facebook to build talent communities, share job leads, and research candidates is its popularity- It has billions of users which makes Facebook great for job search!   

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Goin’ Fishin’: How to Write an Effective Cold Email [Infographic]

cold email

You’ve tried everything. You’ve researched the companies that interest you and watched the employment section of their websites like a hawk. Networking hasn’t paid off. You spend so much time on you’ve made it your browser’s homepage. You even went old-school and started perusing the classifieds in the daily paper. It’s not that you don’t have the skills, personality, and experience to win your dream job… you just can’t find it. Have you really tried everything? Sometimes, simply hoping a job opening will appear just isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to resort to the dreaded cold email.   

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Inside Connections: Your Foot in the Door of a New Career

inside connections

In order to stand apart from the crowd and get your resume to the top of the heap, you’ve heard you should be finding inside connections to help grease the wheels!   

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How to Wrap-up a Holiday Job Search During the Pandemic

holiday job search

The holidays are nearing and they will look different this year! You can still take advantage of the fact that people will be in the holiday spirit. Please, for your own good, continue to work your holiday job search during a pandemic!   

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The Many Ways to Uncover Job Opportunities

uncover job opportunities

You’ll want to use every source available to uncover job opportunities because job boards aren’t the only place employers announce jobs. Recruiters are branching out and trying new ways to attract candidates. Companies are luring candidates with creative job postings in many places besides the job boards. In order to discover opportunities, this means you’ll need to expand where you are looking for opportunities!   

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Time Management Strategies for an Effective Job Search [Infographic]

time management strategies

It’s time to find your dream job. You’ve done your research, prepared for interviews, and gotten some sage job search advice. Unfortunately, you didn’t account for the sheer number of resumes you’d be creating just to get a call-back from a recruiter. It can be overwhelming if you don’t use your time wisely. While effective time management strategies will vary, they all have a few things in common. To successfully manage your time, you need a plan, the right materials, and a reliable method to track your progress.   

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