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Job Search Rut? 5 Ways to Break Free and Succeed

job search rut

No one ever said job search was easy. Honestly, it may be one of the toughest projects you’ll ever work on! So if you find yourself stuck, try shifting your thinking with these tips to get out of your job search rut.    

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Young Professionals: What Does Your Ideal Job Really Look Like?

ideal job

If you could piece together your ideal job, what would it look like? When leading independent job board, CV-Library, asked Brits recently, it’s a flexible London-based education job, in a company with less than 250 people, which pays £25,500 per year! What makes an ideal job for you?   

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How to Recognize the Perfect Job Offer [Infographic]

job offer

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of winning. When you work hard to achieve a goal and you finally reach it, you feel a sense of euphoria and accomplishment. In the case of your job search, you might think that you’ve won when you receive a job offer. While this accomplishment should be met with a sigh of relief, sometimes the sense of relief of no longer spending your free time filling out applications can blind you to some of the realities of that offer.   

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How to Impress Employers Even When You Lack Experience

lack experience

You decide to go for a job you really, really want. Thankfully, you get through the initial hurdle of CV or online application. Now you worry that you lack experience at the level for which you are applying. That old friend, imposter syndrome, pays a visit chipping away at your self-confidence.   

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Looking Back: A Brief Lesson in Job Search History [Infographic]

job search history

With a new year in full swing, we find ourselves busy with New Year’s resolutions, big plans, and high hopes. A new year is a fresh start; a chance to change direction or re-dedicate ourselves to achieving our goals. But, the new year can present an opportunity to look back as well… to think about the road we’ve traveled. So, if your new year involves a new job search, you might find it beneficial to take a brief look at job search history to learn just how much things have changed.   

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2019 Job Search: How to Find a New Gig in the New Year

2019 job search

Thinking about a transition inside your company? Or a move to a new company?

There are tried and true steps you should take to kick off the new year and get your career moving in the right direction…   

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