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SEO and You: The Key to a Successful Social Media Job Search


How well do you understand the impact SEO has on your job search? Did you know that identifying and using the right keywords influences where your resume or information shows up online and elsewhere? This is an overview to help you understand why the concept of SEO is so important for your job search AND your career.   

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Job Search Motivation: How to Keep Going Until You Find Your Dream Job

job search motivation

It’s hard to find job search motivation. It takes longer to find a job when fewer companies are hiring or have a hiring freeze. And time has a way of chiseling away at your confidence.   

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The Extra Mile: How to Stand Out in Today’s Job Market [Infographic]

stand out

In response to the current global crisis, companies have been forced to change nearly every aspect of how they do business. This has had a significant effect on the job market. Though many employees have been given the opportunity to work from home during mandatory lock-downs, many more have simply been laid off. And with some business closing for good in the face of unprecedented losses, still, others find themselves with no job at all. The competition for the few open jobs available has become intense. How will you stand out from the crowd?   

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Improve Your Chances: How to Analyze a Job Posting

job posting

Finding a suitable job posted online is tough. Getting called for a job interview is even tougher. The most important thing to do before you apply to any job is to thoroughly analyze the job posting.   

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2020 Job Seeker Nation Study: What You Need to Know

job seeker nation

Jobvite’s 2020 Job Seeker Nation study was just released and here are the highlights to help you understand how job seekers find jobs during COVID-19 (and before COVID-19) and apply for them.   

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8 Free Employment Resources for These Difficult Times

free employment resources

Furloughed due to COVID-19? Lost your job? Looking to make a change during these difficult times? Take advantage of these free employment resources! These difficult times have created the need for a new way to help job seekers partner up with opportunities and vice versa. Millions of people have found themselves unemployed due to no fault of their own. This has resulted in numerous initiatives to help pair unemployed talent with available opportunities. The good news is, there are lists of companies with current openings looking to hire immediately or soon. As you look at these eight free employment resources,   

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