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To Win the Interview, You Need a Plan: A 30-60-90 Day Plan

30-60-90 day plan

If you’ve been invited back for your second or third interview and you want to really “Wow” the interview, learn how a 30-60-90 Day plan can seal the deal!   

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14 Interview Gaffes to Avoid If You Want the Job [Infographic]

interview gaffes

Preparing for a job interview can be a lot of work. Successful candidates research the potential employer, study the job description, and think about the things they really want to say to the interview panel. But what about those things you should never say in a job interview? There are a surprising number of red flags you can raise when you say the wrong thing, even if your intentions are good. And these interview gaffes can cost you the job.   

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7 Phone Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

phone interview

The phone interview is your first chance to WOW the recruiter. To help come up the curve faster, here are some phone interview scenarios you need to know how to handle.   

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Interviewing 101: 20 Important Interview Lessons [Infographic]

interviewing 101

Graduation approaches, you’ve almost completed your formal education. It’s time to enter the workforce and begin that career you’ve spent so much time, energy, and money planning for. There’s only one thing left to do… go back to school. Yes, it’s time to begin an intensive course of study to learn some of the most important skills to get your career started. And your first class is interviewing 101.   

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Adaptability: How to Use the Right Networking Pitch at the Right Time

networking pitch

If you use the same “elevator pitch” in every situation, I think you are making a huge mistake. You need to use the right pitch at the right time. And while we on the topic of pitches, let me tell you that the old elevator pitch formula doesn’t cut it anymore! You’ll need to use situational context and present your pitch in a way that is engaging and other-focused!   

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The Perfect Interview Thank You Note That Works Every Time [Infographic]

thank you note

Thank you notes are deceivingly difficult to start no matter who you’re sending them to. Writing them to hiring managers after job interviews is even more challenging. After all, you want to seem gracious, excited, and enthusiastic about a role without going overboard or giving off the wrong vibe. And of course, you have to send one. It could mean the difference between a second interview and a one way trip to the “pass” pile. So how can you be sure to write the perfect interview thank you note every time?   

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