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17 Video Interview Tips to Help You Land the Job You Want

video interview

Here are video interview tips to help you stand out during your next interview. As we all know, video interviews have become the norm. This is a checklist of what you should do before, during, and after your video interview to ensure you present yourself in the best way possible!   

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10 Job Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid [Infographic]

job Interview mistakes

As anyone who has been in a job search for a while knows, being invited to a job interview is not something easily achieved. Becoming one of the few candidates rather than being part of the usually gigantic crowd of job applicants is a major victory. Unfortunately, too many job candidates blow their interview opportunities, wasting all that time and effort. How do they blow it? By making some serious, yet often subtle, job interview mistakes.   

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How to Prepare for 10 Odd Job Interview Questions [Infographic]

odd interview questions

Most of us have had, at some point in our lives, a teacher, a professor, or a mentor who encouraged our participation in active discussion by uttering the ubiquitous phrase, “There are no stupid questions.” Then we grew up and started going to job interviews. In all seriousness, however, if you’re actively seeking employment chances are you’ve run into a few odd interview questions that put that old adage to the test.   

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Spice Up Your Old Elevator Pitch for the Contemporary Job Market

elevator pitch

If you have been using the same old elevator pitch (45-second commercial) with the same old results, let’s try something different.   

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10 Interview Preparation Steps to Help Land Your Dream Job

interview preparation

The interview is scheduled!  You are ecstatic, as well you should be!  But now what?  What about interview preparation? Now that the job interview is scheduled, you can really begin preparing and practicing! You’ve already done some preliminary research on the company, but now it’s time to dig deep.   

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Tell Me About Yourself: A Most Difficult Interview Question

difficulkt interview question

Possibly the most difficult interview question to answer is “Tell Me About Yourself?” But if I asked your co-worker to tell me about you, they could easily rattle off several things. During a job interview, you’ll need to overcome the stage-fright associated with answering the “tell me about yourself” question.   

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