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Diplomacy Skills: 12 Things Never to Say at Work [Infographic]

diplomacy skills

We all speak multiple languages. Even those of us who are linguistically challenged. Think about it. When you were a teenager you spoke one language around your parents, teachers, and other adults and a completely different language with your friends. Sometimes, when you were stressed out or felt like the life of teenager was unfair, you slipped up… and that’s when you got into real trouble. It can be the same in your office today. Sometimes playing along with office politics requires strong diplomacy skills.   

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Stand Out: 10 Ways to Innovate and Impress at Work [Infographic]


Everyone wants to stand out at work. After all, it’s the ones who stand out that get the promotions, the raises, or the sweet offers from other companies. Well, at least if you stand out in good way. Today’s business world is changing rapidly. So much so, that the easiest way to impress those around you is to is to show that you can adapt and innovate. You need to bring new ideas to the table that solve problems or meet challenges that affect your company’s financial resources carefully built brand.   

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Work Smart: How to Increase Your Hustle and Still Be Healthy [Infographic]

work smart

Whether you are working from home or commuting to the office, maintaining your health, happiness, and sanity should be your top priority. Most of us spend too much time over worked, stressed out, and sleep deprived. There has to be a way to get everything on your to-do list done and still maintain a happy, healthy life. Maybe if you work smarter you can increase efficiency without burning yourself out before the weekend.   

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44 Simple Daily Activities to Help You Enjoy Work [Infographic]

enjoy work

All to often, we come to believe that work is a painful necessity. It seems to involve grinding away at repetitive tasks and just surviving until quitting time. We only feel like we enjoy life when we’re off the clock. After all, there’s just so much you need to get done, and none of it can wait. But here’s some good news: It doesn’t always have to be like that. You actually can enjoy work.   

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Career Choices and The Real Skills Gap Crippling America [Infographic]

skills gap

One of the more talked about trends in corporate America today is the skills gap. We’ve all heard about it. It threatens the sustainability of businesses around the world. And while a big part of the it is a shortage of people skilled in the STEM (science, technology, education, and math) industries, a gap in soft skills such as communication and advanced leadership skills exists as well. But we could be worrying about the wrong skills gap. The real danger to the American economic infrastructure is a lack of skilled laborers and technicians in the manufacturing sector and the trades.   

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Futureproof: How to Remain Relevant in the Future of Work [Infographic]


The robots are coming to steal your job! That’s how it starts… predictive analytics, AI, the IoT… Pretty soon we’ll all have to bow before our mechanical overlords or we’ll get a visit from a big guy with a grenade launcher who looks oddly similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger! Ok, so maybe that’s a bit alarmist, but technology is changing the way we work. If you don’t keep pace, you could find yourself left behind. It’s time to futureproof your career.   

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