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6 Reasons Learning Tech Skills is Better Than Going to Grad School

tech skills

Not going to grad school was the best decision I ever made. Right before and following college graduation, I was dead set on going to graduate school. I knew I wanted to work in economic development. And most of my dream jobs required graduate school. But as I was studying for the GRE, poring over math problems and obscure vocabulary, I had an epiphany: Why spend all this effort forcing myself to memorize information when I could be teaching myself valuable real-world skills? In the end, instead of going to graduate school, I taught myself digital skills. These digital skills   

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Can Liberal Arts Majors Still Find a Great Job? [Infographic]

To many, a degree in Liberal Arts sounds good… until they jump into a job search. There, they find that unemployment rates for Liberal Arts majors can sometimes be significantly higher than other degrees.

All is not lost, however. In fact, with the right strategy, a degree in Liberal Arts can open doors you may not have expected…   

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Student Special: The Top 4 Peer-to-Peer Learning Solutions

Peer-to-Peer Learning

As many students have learned, some educators have a difficult time teaching to their pupils’ level of understanding; it’s difficult for a career professor to think back to a time before they knew how to do the basics. For many students, this creates a difficult learning environment.

To get a personalized learning approach, consider leveraging the power of the crowd… just like Wikipedia and Youtube leverage content…   

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Stop Blaming Career Services: #HigherEd Responsible for Unemployable Grads

Higher Education and Unemployable Graduates

Want to join the angry mobs blaming Career Services for our unemployable graduates? Think they are the only ones at fault for those that will exit the stage in May with a diploma, but without a clue?

You just may have it wrong; you may be waving that judgmental finger in the wrong direction…   

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15 Grad Degrees That Boost Your Income [Infographic]


Graduate degrees can have a significant impact on your income in the right field.

Check out this interesting infographic by Graduate Degree Programs, showing how average lifetime salaries are directly correlated to education in many fields.

Is your field of study one of the 15 careers where it pays to have a graduate degree?   

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More Bang for Your Buck: Start-up or MBA?

Start-up mba

Both a start-up and an MBA will offer you a business education. You’ll be exposed to all facets of participating in, and in some cases running, an organization. Due to the time constraints, it’s difficult to do both at the same time.

That said, does the business knowledge you receive either from an MBA or a start-up supercede each other? Here are the essential pros and cons:   

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